Paid Advertising

Does your business stand out in your area?

About Fusion Adverts

Paid advertising is an amazing way to drum up hot leads and grow your business. With mobile advertising on the rise, Facebook ads and other social platforms are leading the way to success through paid social media campaigns.

Along with your personalized paid advertising strategy, we offer deliver pages designed, developed and tested through A/B testing to get the most out of your PPC budget along with tracking pixels that’ll tell us where your prospects are going after they arrive and what we can do to increase conversions. Paid advertising is a science, evolving your campaign to your target audience will increase sales and profit margins so you can focus on what’s important, serving your customers.

Optimized Campaigns

Highly optimized ad campaigns lead to better results, this is why Fusion optimizes every campaign with the best keywords for your business, including long-tailed for ad clicks at a fraction of the cost. The copy on your ads is the first thing your prospective client will see, so it’s important to that all ads are split tested with multiple variations in the copy in order to find which will have the best results.

Increase Conversions

Landing pages that convert the highest percentage of visitors will serve as one of your biggest assets when it comes to your paid advertising campaign. The difference between a 1% conversion rate and an 8% conversion rate is eight times the leads and eight times the sales, so keep that in mind next time someone sends your traffic to a non-optimized landing page.

Ad Retargeting

Retargeting campaigns redeliver your ads after the user has left your website without converting into a lead. This means, when your user is still actively looking for your services or product, they will continue to see your ad online for an improved chance of returning to your site. This greatly improves your chances of that user contacting you for service or purchasing your product.

If you would like Fusion to turn your online marketing into a lead generating machine, then follow the link below to our discovery form and answer a few questions so we may schedule a one on one consultation or call us at 888-414-6462.